Trail of Tears

In 1993, a group of  150 motorcyclists rode 230 miles on what  is known as the Trail of Tears to raise public awareness of the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

From 150 bikers 6 years ago, the 1999 ride saw over 20,000 participating motorcyclists.

For more information on the Trail of Tears, please read the  sign posted in Waterloo, 
or visit the  Trail of Tears Website 

Saturday morning in Chattanooga leaving Chattanooga merging with other riders joining the group
Thumbs Up! Hangin' at James' pad in Huntsville
The Herd Gassed
Approaching Waterloo Waterloo more Waterloo
Indian History another Indian

Nick, James, Sheree, Tammy, and Bob in Waterloo

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