EV11 Transmission Oil Change

Below is a description of how to change the transmission oil on a Moto Guzzi EV11. 
 If you have any doubts or concerns about doing this yourself – then take your motorcycle to a mechanic who is certified to work on your motorcycle.


What you’ll need :


  • 0.75 liters of 80W/90 hypoid transmission oil


  • HEX KEY (4 mm, 5mm, 10 mm)
  • wrenches (17 mm combo wrench (open and closed ends), 13 mm)


The concept of changing the transmission fluid is pretty simple.  Remove the drain plug, drain the oil, replace the drain plug and refill.  This simple procedure has been made overly complex since the drain plug lies directly over the exhaust crossover pipe and is difficult to access.To make access to the drain plug easier, first remove the the 3 bolts holding the cover under the foot shifter on the left side with the 4 mm hex key (it’s chrome on later EV11’s).   Notice that the chrome cover in  fig 1  is removed in fig 3 .An extra inch (or two) of room can be obtained by removing the bolts supporting the rear of the exhaust.  Loosen the bolts on the saddle bag mounts (5 mm hex key) to ease the removal of these bolts (13 mm wrench) on on each side.

Slide a catch pan under the drain bolt.  Wrap a piece of tinfoil around the crossover pipe to reduce the amount of the oil that spills onto  it.  Slide the 17 mm wrench into the gap below the gearbox and above the left exhaust pipe and loosen the drain bolt.  Once it is removed remove the rubber cap on the filler bolt (red arrow fig 2 ) and use the 10 mm hex key to remove the bolt.  This will allow the oil to drain quicker.

Once the oil has finished draining reinstall the drain plug.  This part can be a frustrating, but can be accomplished with a little patience – and some luck.

Place the bolt into the closed end of the 17 mm wrench ( fig 3 ) and position it under the drain hole.  Use a magnetic telescopic wand, a screwdriver with tape on the end, or a stick with some gum to push the bolt up into the drain hole from directly below and turn the wrench.  Keep trying until the threads catch and then tighten up the bolt.

Remove the level plug (yellow arrow fig 2 ) with the 17 mm wrench and fill with 0.75l of oil until the oil level is at the edge of the level hole.

Replace the level plug bolt, the filler bolt (and rubber cover), the cover under the shifter.  Remove the tinfoil from the crossover pipe.  Lift up the exhaust pipes and reinstall bolts.  Tighten up the saddle bag mounts.

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