EV11 Front Wheel Removal

Below is a description of how to remove the front wheel on a 1999 Moto Guzzi EV11.
If you have any doubts or concerns about doing this yourself – then take your motorcycle to a mechanic who is certified to work on your motorcycle.

Front Wheel  Removal

What You’ll Need :

bike lift (if no center stand)
wood blocks (placed under the oil pan to raise the front wheel off the ground)
rubber mallet
5 mm allen wrench
8 mm allen wrench
screwdriver or bar that came with guzzi tool kit
spanner wrench

1) First get the front wheel off of the ground by putting the bike on its center stand and then putting a stable platform under the oil pan (wood blocks, etc.) until the front wheel is off of the ground.

2) Before you remove the wheel you’ll want to make sure that you know how to put it back on in the correct orientation.  Carefully inspect the wheel and look for something on the tire/rim that will help you remember which side is right and which side is left.  The direction arrow on the tire is a good indicator.  If its hard to see, or there’s nothing obvious, put some tape on the right side of the wheel/tire/spokes.

3) Remove the brake calipers.
With the 8 mm allen wrench remove the 2 bolts on the left front brake caliper and slide the caliper off of the rotor (fig 1) .  Tie the caliper out of the way so it doesn’t hang down and scratch anything – on my EV I just tuck it over the crash bars).  Repeat process for right side.

4) Remove the axle.
Place the bar that came with your guzzi tool kit (or screwdriver) through the hole on the end of the axle (right side) (fig 2)  and then with a spanner wrench loosen the bolt on the left side (fig 3) while using the bar on the right side to keep the axle from turning.  Sometimes gentle persuasion with a rubber mallet might be necessary.  Remove the nut and washer.
With the 5 mm allen wrench, loosen the 2 pinch bolts (fig 4) on the bottom of the left fork.  Repeat the process for the right side.
Gently lift on the wheel to get the weight off the axle passing through the forks and slide the axle out the right side.  A gentle tap on the left side of the axle might help it along.  If it doesn’t come out easily, make sure your pinch bolts are sufficiently loose on both forks.
Collect the spacer that just fell out from the left side of the wheel between the fork (fig 4).

5) You should now be able to pull the wheel out from between the forks and front fender.

To reinstall, reverse the steps above.  Use the tire direction arrow or tape from the earlier step to make sure you put the wheel back in the correct orientation.
It might be helpful to have an assistant slide the axle back in place while you are holding the wheel – or you may want to put some small blocks/supports under the front wheel to get it to the correct height so that the axle can more easily slide through the forks and the wheel hub.
Don’t forget to put the spacer back on the left side (fig 4) between the wheel and the fork tube, reinstall axle washer and nut, tighten, and then tighten the pinch bolts.

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