EV11 Fork Oil

Below is a description of how to change the Fork oil on a Moto Guzzi EV11.
If you have any doubts or concerns about doing this yourself – then take your motorcycle to a mechanic who is certified to work on your motorcycle. 

What you’ll need :


  • FORK OIL (0.97 litres of 10w fork oil – 0.485 litres per fork)


  • 5/16 x 7/16 tubing (optional)



Oil DrainingDrain the fork oil by removing the drain bolt ( fig 1 )with the allen wrench.  The oil will only trickle out at first, but will flow quickly once the fill screw (fig 2 ) is removed with the screwdriver.

Re-install the drain screw.

Measure out 0.485 litres of 10w fork oil and use the syringe ( fig 3 – I bought this one in the Auto parts section of WalMart) to fill up the fork.  Make sure that the syringe is held tightly over the fill hole and inject the fork oil.  After injecting the oil, while still holding the syringe tightly against the fill hole, withdraw the plunger to remove the build up of air caused by the displacement of the new fork oil.  This will help prevent the fork from burping the oil back out of the fork.

Re-install the filler screw and repeat with the other fork.

In the case the handlebars prevent direct access to the filler hole from the syringe, a piece of plastic tubing can be placed over the end of the syringe to gain easier access to the filler hole.


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