EV11 Final Gear Oil

Below is a description of how to change the Rear Transmission oil on a Moto Guzzi EV11. 
If you have any doubts or concerns about doing this yourself – then take your motorcycle to a mechanic who is certified to work on your motorcycle.

What you’ll need :


  • OIL (0.25 litres of 80w/90 hypoid gear oil – 0.02 litres of the oil should contain a *Molykote type A additive or equivalent)


  • HEX KEY (10 mm)
  • WRENCH (17 mm)


  • TAPE

Oil DrainingIn order to cut down on the oil that will run onto my rear wheel I first tape a garbage bag onto the wheel to catch any oil that does not make it into the catch pan.  With the catch pan positioned under the drain bolt (green arrow – fig 1) use the 17 mm wrench to remove the drain screw.Next remove the Filler Bolt  (yellow arrow – fig 1) with the 10 mm hex key (remove the rubber cap to get to it).Once the oil has finished draining, replace the drain bolt and use the 17 mm wrench to remove the Level Bolt  (red arrow – fig 1). Pour 0.25 litres of 80w/90 Hypoid Gear Oil (with *Molykote) into the Filler Hole  (yellow arrow – fig 1).  The oil should just reach the Level Plug – top or drain off as necessary.Replace the Level Bolt and Filler Bolt (and rubber cap).


*Molykote is a Dow Corning brand name.  I’ve found the additive under a different name at TSMoly ( http://tsmoly.com/motorcycle.htm ) and use it in my bike.

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