EV11 Engine Oil Change

Below is a description of how to change the oil on a Moto Guzzi EV11.  While much here is specific to the EV11 (internal oil filter – argh!) the general method can be applied to most motorcycles.  If you have any doubts or concerns about doing this yourself – then take your motorcycle to a mechanic who is certified to work on your motorcycle.


What you’ll need :


  • OIL (3 litres of 20w/50 motorcycle oil)


  • HEX KEY (5mm)
  • SOCKET SET (10mm and 22mm sockets)


First take the bike out for a run.  This will get the oil warmed up and allow it to drain more easily.  Once the engine is warm, put the bike up on it’s center stand.  Using the 22mm socket (a 7/8 socket will do if you don’t have a 22mm) remove the oil drain plug and drain the oil into the catch container.  Removing the dip stick (fig 3)  under the cylinder head on the left hand side of the motorcycle will allow the oil to drain quicker.

18 bolts to remove oil panPut the drain bolt back in with a new crush washer once the oil has finished draining (I have reused the  same crush washer without problem).    Next remove the 14 hex screws  (red arrows)with the 5mm key.  Remove the final 4 bolts (green arrows) with the 10mm socket.  The Oil pan should come off easily as the final 4 bolts are removed.  If you are careful you should be able to re-use the existing gasket.  If the oil pan does not come off easily then check for any bolts you may have missed.

Now that the oil pan is removed you can drain of any remaining oil residue and replace the oil filter.    Twist off the old filter (use the oil filter wrench if needed) and drain out any remaining oil.  Install the new oil filter by first rubbing a small amount of fresh oil over the rubber gasket on the filter.  Twist on the new filter until you feel the rubber seal make contact and then twist it another 2/3 to 3/4 of a turn.

Fill where dipstick was removedIf you need to replace the oil pan gasket first lightly coat it with some fresh oil (both sides).  Then re-install the oil pan in the reverse order that it was removed.  Snug all the bolts – including the oil drain plug.  Fill with 3 liters of new oil (fill here) .  Replace the dip stick.  Cross your fingers and fire up the engine.  Inspect the oil pan and look for any leaks.  Re-tighten bolts where necessary.


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